Product Name: Concentrated Marine Biological Essence

TI:Fe+Zn+B≥100g/L Alginic Acid≥3% NPK≥10g/L OM:100g/L

Concentrated Marine Biological Essence

Product form: Liquid

100% water soluble

Product description: BK Imported Concentrated Marine Biological Essence

Product details

British BK imported concentrated marine biological essence raw material is made from natural alginic acid, humic acid, amino acid and other plant active substances in the Atlantic Ocean and a variety of fertilizers compounded, which is the only current production of protective technology Pollution seaweed nutrients. Unique natural seaweed extract, without any external plant-adjusting agent, is safe and non-toxic to crops and can be used safely in organic agriculture and green agriculture.
Special effects:
1. Seaweed extracts protect crops from adverse effects such as high temperature, high humidity, poor soil conditions, and diseases, and maximize the potential yield of crops.
2.Our product is designed for the nutritional characteristics required for the growth of seedlings and adult crops. The organic matter extracted from the natural pure seaweed can make the plant profit by stimulating the growth of the plant root system. Using seaweed extract will greatly increase the amount of root coefficient
Technical index: Fe+Zn+B≥100g/L Alginic acid ≥3% NPK≥10g/L Organic matter: 100g/L
Suitable crops:
Crops such as fruit trees, vegetables, rice, corn, wheat, peanuts, tea, lawns, flowers, etc., can be selected according to different crop growth stages.
Practical technology:
When spraying or drip irrigation at seedling stage, it is recommended to use 0.5--1kg per acre; in the late stage of growth, it is recommended to use 1kg per acre. It is recommended to use a secondary dilution with a large amount of elemental water-soluble fertilizer to achieve better results.
Foliar spraying: 300-500 times the concentration of water, choose to spray in the early morning or evening without wind, fine and uniform droplets.